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Self Chakra Connection

Self Chakra Connection can be practiced as part of your self-care meditation. Developed by W. Brugh Joy, M.D.(Joy's Way), this meditation helps if fatigued allowing you to feel the energy flow in your body.

1. Open foot
Open foot Detail view Open foot
2. Ankle & Knee
Ankle & Knee Detail view
3. Knee & Hip
Knee & Hip Detail view
4. Open Other foot
Open Other Foot Detail view
5. Ankle & Knee
Ankle & Knee Detail view
6. Knee & Hip
Knee & Hip Detail view
7. Both Hips
Both Hips Detail view
8. Root & Sacral
Root & Sacral Detail view
9. Sacral & Solar Plexus
Sacral & Solar Plexus Detail view
10. Solar Plexus & Spleen
Solar Plexus & Spleen Detail view
11. Solar Plexus & Heart
Solar Plexus & Heart Detail view
12. Heart & High Heart
Heart & High Heart Detail view
13. Hands (optional)
Hands (optional) Detail view
14. Wrists
Wrists Detail view
15. Both Elbows
Both Elbows Detail view
16. Both Shoulders
Both Shoulders Detail view
17. High Heart & Throat
High Heart & Throat Detail view
18. Throat & Brow
Throat & Brow Detail view
19. Brow & Crown
Brown & Crown Detail view
20. Crown & Transpersonal pt
Crown transpersonal Detail view

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Foundations of Healing Touch:
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Healing Touch implementing Integrative Approaches within VA Facilities

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Client Comments

  • "I really value Suzanne's work. She has amazing gifts..."
  • "Healing Touch with Suzanne is a wonderful experience..."
  • "Working with Suzanne has been a positive experience. She promotes a positive approach to healthcare and has great intuition."
  • "The overall experience is relaxing and the pain relief is amazing..."
  • "...After the first session, I was amazed at how much less pain I had in my knees..."
  • "After my first treatment I left feeling relaxed, renewed and pain free..."
  • "Suzanne's Healing Touch work is compassionate, kind, and extremely effective..."
  • "...I began to sleep more soundly and have felt better..."
  • "...mentally I felt more clear and spiritually more calm..."
  • "I cherish the time I have with Suzanne..."
  • "Suzanne has an incredible sense of peace..."
  • "...She is an amazing healer! I always feel like a new person afterwards..."
  • "I have called on Suzanne several times when I was in need of compassionate care..."
  • "The final affect after clearing all of the energy and aligning chakras was more relaxing and the effects are longer lasting than any touch massage I have received."
  • "Treatments with Suzanne make me feel serene and relaxed..."
  • "I am amazed how a few minutes of Healing Touch can make such a difference in how I feel."
  • "Suzanne has a rare and profound talent to help people deal with everything from pain issues to emotional issues..."
    Dr. Christine Falkosky